The Psychologica Model

psychologica model

The Psychologica Model© was designed to aid personal, team and organizational effectiveness and has been used in numerous Private and Public Sector organizations - for Leadership and Management development and as an aid to Executive coaching. It is also used to link a range of diagnostic and psychometric instruments to personal and organizational outcomes.

The model addresses a range of individual and group Skills, the Inner Qualities we use to guide these skills, and the Personal Style through which we express them.

Skill results from a) our capacity to manage our feeling, thinking and ‘doing’ and b) using these to bring about effective communication, organisation or adaption. We call these Capacities and Capabilities and these comprise the basic Categories of the model.

Our 3 Capacities include:

Our 3 Capabilities include:

Our Personal Qualities include:

Our Thinking processes and mental clarity (general intelligence).

Our ability to manage our Feelings and get on with people (emotional intelligence).

The practical expertise we use in Doing things well.

(These form the basis of the model and always appear as yellow, blue and red.)

Our use of rational thought to aid effective action through Organization.

Modification of our actions to accommodate the needs and demands of others through Adaptation.

The exchange of information, feelings and ideas with others through effective Communication.

N.B. These 6 skill categories provide a structure for a competency framework which can be used to assess performance. Positive change results from recognising how the key elements of the framework work together and identifying our strengths and development needs within each category. Our effectiveness is enhanced through learning how to balance and control our abilities across these different skill categories.

Personal Qualities influence our behavior and the way we deploy our skills. Three qualities underpin the model:

Our Motivation drives us and provides the energy to take action;

Our Values guide us and enable us to regulate our actions and work effectively with others;

Our sense of Direction relates to our vision and aspirations – having something to work towards.

Our Personal Style

Personal Style relates to our preferred ways of interacting with others, which impacts on our performance and how others see us. Style manifests as a tendency towards either Assertive (active) or Responsive (reactive) engagement. We are generally at our most effective when we have these in balance (interactive) and at our least effective when we focus on neither (non-active).